Apple iPhone 6s Display With Touch

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  • Part Tested To Strict Quality Standards.
  • Factory Tested For Display Performance, Including Luminance & Color Balance.
Replace a cracked or scratched front glass panel or malfunctioning display/screen on your phone, A new screen and digitizer assembly will renew the appearance of your front panel, restore touch function, and eliminate the dead pixels or flickering on an aging display.

Crate Kart's Display/Screen vs Fake Display/Screens
Anyone who’s had their display/screen purchased from us will know that the we only sell AAA quality display/screens.

The most common question we get asked is “What’s the difference and why should I care?”

What is the difference between Crate Kart's AAA quality screens and fake screens?
  • Glass Hardness: Crate Kart's display/screens will have gorilla glass, While the fake display/screens are more fragile & easy to break due to lack of gorilla glass.
  • Resolution: Fake display/screens is visibly much coarser due to its lower resolution, when you look under microscope the difference is blatant.
  • Brightness: The brightness is nowhere near similar in the fake display/screens.
  • Color: Here is a fake & our screen side by side, As you can see image on the copy is washed out and lacks punch.

Left Image (Fake display/screen), Right Image (Crate Kart's display/screen)

Left Image (Fake display/screen), Right Image (Crate Kart's display/screen)

Chances are that part of the reason you paid good money for your phone was the quality of the display. Why throw that away just to save few hundred bucks or so?

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