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Warranty Policy

Crate Kart, hereinafter referred to as the Guarantor, shall guarantee

Proper functioning of the purchased product if used in the manner appropriate for the purpose

The warranty period starts at the time of the Product(s) original purchase by the first end-user. 

If a defect exists, at its option Crate Kart will: -

  • Exchange the product with a product that is new, or
  • In the case where a replacement is not available, Refund the residual price of the product.

This warranty will expire at the end of the Warranty Term.

How to claim warranty?

1) To raise a warranty claim please call or Whatsapp us at +91-9152649744, Our customer care will review & authorised your warranty claim.

2) After the warranty claim has been authorised, we'll email you the return label with the instructions to ship the package manually.

    You’ll need to pack the product securely to make sure it doesn’t get damaged in transit.

    We don’t offer return pickup after the period of 30 days from the date of purchase

    Replacement timeline.

    The replacement will be shipped within 15 days after the return package has arrived & inspected.

    What is not covered by warranty?

    This warranty is not valid if the defects are due to damage, misuse, tampering, neglect or lack of care.

    The following are examples of defects or damage not covered by this product warranty:

    • Defects or damage resulting from use of the product in other than its normal and customary manner.
    • Defects or damage from misuse, accident or neglect.
    • Defects or damage from improper testing, operation, maintenance, installation or any alteration or modification of any kind.
    • Breakage or damage to delicate flex cables (It specifically applies to phone batteries & displays)
    • Defects or damage due to excess physical pressure, moisture, liquid, extreme humidity, heavy perspiration or other moisture, sand, food, dirt or similar substances.
    • Surfaces and all other externally exposed parts that are scratched or damaged due to customer normal use.
    • If any of the seals/serial numbers on the product show evidence of tampering.
    • Product like batteries are designed to be consumed during use, The talk-time, stand-by time and total life cycle of a Crate Kart battery will depend on usage conditions, So such consumables will get limited warranty service. (Example: If your iPhone 6 battery replacement fails entirely after a couple months, we’ll replace it. If it loses potency after dozens and dozens of cycles, we won’t.)

    By making a purchase from the website, you agree to be bound by this Warranty Policy. If you do not agree to the Warranty Policy, then you may not make a purchase.